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How do you cope when your love story ends?

After a destructive marriage, Eleni plans to give up on men, until she meets Andy, but as they embark on a new adventure in France, tragedy strikes.

Alone in a foreign country, Eleni navigates her way through grief, coming to realise that Andy’s unconditional love was a sticking plaster on unresolved childhood issues.

An honest and heart-warming account of love, loss and self-discovery, Eleni is forced to take a long, hard look at her life. On her journey she reflects on divorce and motherhood; the unspoken aspects of grief and the loss of identity.

Discovering new ways to cope, Eleni finds the courage to step across the bridge from her old life into a new one. Grief becomes a gift through a spiritual awareness she’d never had before, providing ways to overcome sadness and ways to look for the sunset in life.

Her story serves as a reminder that love, resilience, and self-discovery can guide us through even the darkest times. ‘The Tiger Moth Spirit’ is not just a book; it is a beacon of hope and a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

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7 reviews for The Tiger Moth Spirit Paperback

  1. N Starkey

    Unapologetically honest and inspiring
    Verified purchase
    There is something in this touching memoir that anyone, from any walk of life, can relate to. Eleni speaks directly to the reader, invites them to travel through time with her and experience true love, loss and grief. A brutally honest and inspiring read.

  2. A Saunders

    A story with heart
    I enjoyed this story immensely and found the way Andy is developed as a character to be very well constructed.

  3. Becky Rozman

    Couldn’t put it down!
    Verified purchase
    A touching memoir written by a brilliant author. Eleni is every woman. You recognize yourself in her, and you get stuck in, going along with her as she navigates all the curveballs that life throws at her. She shows us that getting through it all need not be heroic, to be triumphant. You will root for her. You will share her joy and her pain. You will want to see what happens next. These are the true marks of a gifted storyteller.

  4. Caroljane

    Brave and inspiring
    Verified purchase
    One woman’s story of moving from despair to hope, brokenness to healing. A well written book about second chances, making a new start in another country and over coming grief. I enjoyed this book very much. It is both interesting and inspiring.

  5. D E M Hall

    Perfectly poignant
    Verified Purchase
    Eleni’s story transcends that of the average human. Following setbacks and situations that would make most of us crumble, she found the strength to start over with her true soul mate. She felt her dreams had all come true as they began a new life in France. Out of the blue, the unthinkable happened, and she paints her grief in as raw a form as if it happened yesterday.

    The next stage in her story is honest and introspective and the further evolution of her spiritual self.

    A wonderful story that breaks your heart then mends it, time and again.

  6. C Taylor

    Honest & inspiring
    Verified purchase
    A heart touching and well written account of life’s challenges. The author takes us on her journey of love, loss and starting anew with a real but tender approach.
    A must for anyone struggling with losing a loved one.

  7. M Lloyd

    A moving story of love, loss and resilience.
    Verified purchase
    An uplifting and inspirational story of how one woman overcomes adversity to eventually find happiness.
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