Life Reset

Are you widowed, divorced or simply stuck in your life? Whether you have lost a loved one, a relationship or even yourself, we hope to be able to help you.

As a certified Life Coach, specialising in helping widows, I will be introducing our new AWAKEN courses in 2024 which will guide you on the path to finding out what you really want from life. The courses will enable you to cross the bridge from your old life into a new one.

If you are widowed, in particular, the hardest thing can be letting go of a life you don’t want to let go of. Why should you, when you were happy? I have been there, I understand, but as the alien Borg once said, “resistance is futile”. By not letting go, you remain stuck, and it takes time to realise that letting go does not mean you are forgetting. We will show you ways to stay connected while starting a new journey of your own. You can read my personal journey for ideas in my latest book, The Tiger Moth Spirit.

In order to move forward, we first have the difficult task of ascertaining what we actually want from our lives. In our courses, we will look at various areas of your life and work out a plan, including suggestions on how to achieve it. We will also mingle in some other aspects, which I will tell you about later.

If you are interested and wish to be notified when further details become available, please put AWAKEN in the subject line and let us know.

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