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I was born in the New Forest, where I spent many an hour making camps and playing in the woods, although I didn’t appreciate the true value of it, until I became an adult and moved away.

After several years of enjoying life in France, I now live in the Yorkshire countryside with my dogs Alfie and Tia, who you can read about on my blog. My children have flown the nest, giving me more time to write, but my dogs keep me in check and ensure I take plenty of breaks!

I have travelled all over the beautiful countryside of Yorkshire and the rest of the UK and Europe and discovered so many lovely nooks and crannies and met some great people.

On my travels I have also trekked up all the highest peaks in the British Isles and more, except for Ben Nevis due to rain, and have seen some stunning views and literally had my head in the clouds.

I love writing stories and scriptwriting and inspiration for my writing is all around me, in all the wonderful places I visit and from life experiences. I quite often feel the need to mark a certain occasion or a place that has moved me, with either a photograph or a short story, such as the day I found a message in a bottle, or wrote about a soldier whose name I found at the war graves in Verdun, which you can read about in my Short Stories Book.

In my spare time I like to curl up with a good book and a slice of coffee and walnut cake or practise my photography. I find nature very healing and like to take photos of wildlife and flowers, particularly close-ups, and have managed to catch a red squirrel, deer and many unusual birds. Many photos on this website are my own.

Since losing my soulmate in 2017, who literally dropped dead right next to me one night, I have been on a journey of self-discovery and healing. This has led me onto a different path than I would have expected and my goal now is to help as many widows and other women as I can, to move towards a new life.

In addition, to the various topics I will write on here, I hope to be offering much more in 2024, plus a supportive community forum where we can chat to each other. In the meantime, I am happy to receive your questions or comments about my books, and if you wish to keep in the know about future offerings, feel free to subscribe for updates by adding your email address to the box in the sidebar or click on the subscribe button below right. Watch this space!

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