• Motivational

    Little Steps of Joy

    After loss, feeling real joy in your heart again takes time. We put on a mask of pretence for others - a fake smile, saying all is well, when inside we are a crumpled mess - because nobody likes a misery...

  • Coping with Loss,  Grief

    Setting Boundaries

    One of the gifts in grief, is the way you view the world. The new perspective you have on life and the self-awareness you gain. It is all forced upon you due to the circumstances, yet it is a blessing in disguise once you embrace it. Self-awareness and facing yourself…

  • General,  Travel

    Drop Me Anywhere!

    Could you go on holiday without making any plans? I recently came across an interesting lady – Carole Rosenblat. She is an adventurer, travel expert, writer, speaker and philanthropist, who sets off to wherever her readers tell her with no prior planning. Crazy? Or exciting? I caught up with her…

  • Coping with Loss,  Family

    A Mother’s Love

    You chose me to be your vessel and from the moment my cells mingled with that of another, to create a cocoon in which your soul could reside, I loved you. I played you music and fed you healthy goodness. I rubbed oil into my skin to help you stretch.…

  • 5 point plan
    Advice & Tips,  Writing

    Five Point Plan for New Writers

    1. First decide exactly what it is you want to do. Be it to write a novel, publish a story in a magazine or self-publish a collection of your poems. Until you know what you want to achieve, you cannot make a plan. If you want to do several things,…

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