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10 Pet Hates of Menopause Woman

1. Supermarket cashiers who are too busy gossiping to their colleagues, than looking at you when handing over your change.

2. When you’ve got right of way on the road, but people expect you to thank them for stopping.

3. When you go upstairs to get something and halfway up, you forget what it was.

4. Postmen who clearly can’t read.

5. People who park in two spaces.

6. When your husband says: ‘Where’s my…’ and expects you to know.

7. When your kids come round for a meal and spend the whole time on their phones.

8. When things aren’t put back in their place and pictures are wonky.

9. Sales people who ring up and start the conversation with ‘How are you today?’

10. Women who buy sports cars, but drive well below the speed limit.

Feel free to send in your favourite pet hates.

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