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How to Be a Great Best Friend

Or Not!

  • When your friend is crying over a break-up, tell her there’s plenty more fish in the sea.
  • Diarise to meet for lunch, then cancel last minute when something better comes along.
  • When you know she’s alone on her birthday, make sure you’re busy that day.
  • When she’s telling you her troubles, switch the subject to your problems.
  • When she invites you out, turn her down because you’re clearing out the garage, that will make her feel good.
  • Don’t worry that she’s paid for the last two lunches and driven you there, she’s loaded anyway.
  • When you haven’t seen her for months, because you’ve been too busy, you must expect her to drop everything now that you have a free day.
  • When her family is going through a crisis, make sure you’re nowhere to be seen.

I bet we all know someone like that!

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