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When Ideas Are Better Than Reality

Due to our variable weather, the number one reason many of us Brits go abroad is to seek the sunshine. If we get a sunny day in the UK we make the most of it and dream of living in a hot climate where we can have many days of golden sun. Yet in reality, living in a hot climate is not all it’s cracked up to be and often we moan.

I came to this conclusion during three weeks in Europe this year where the temperatures averaged between 35 and 42 degrees. I discovered that in temperatures that high, your cleavage (no matter how small) dripped far more than your armpits, and even with two showers a day and copious amounts of deodorant and talc, it was hard to keep the body odour in check. Your energy is zapped and your mood rather irritable. I’m not a big fan of laying in the sun for hours anyway, but in that heat I felt like I was on a spit-roast and lasted all of ten minutes and hid the rest of the holiday. Hence, I came home with less tan than I would normally have. Everything is a struggle in the heat and the landscape is dry and barren and even the scratchy course grass hardly survives and water is scarce.

This got me to thinking that some ideas we have are better in our heads than in reality and here are a few more I thought about while hiding in the shade.

Fish & Chips – Everyone likes the smell and thought of fish and chips, but more often than not, the eating is not so pleasant. Soggy batter and greasy chips, not to mention the calories and high price. It is rare to get a decent fish meal these days.

Conservatories – Everyone wants a conservatory – that extra summer room. But even if you have a tinted roof, there is no way you can sit in your conservatory in the summer. It is far too stifling and as for putting a tv or computer in there, you would need to go to the expense of putting up blinds first and then you’ve defeated the object of having an all glass room.

Decking – It’s cool to have decking, it gives your garden a holiday feel, but the wood gets tatty and needs regular upkeep and in the winter it becomes a slippery danger zone.

Childhood Sweets – I’ve often had the urge to buy my childhood favourites, but they are always disappointing and never taste how you remember them.

BBQs – A sunny weekend is forecast and shopping in the supermarket becomes a nightmare as everyone rushes to buy food for the BBQ. But how many BBQs in the UK have you ended up with your coats on or taken inside because your food is swarmed with flies or wasps.

Yet no matter how disappointing the reality, we still strive to bring our ideas to life!

Do you have any to add to the list?

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