I Want To Be a Butterfly

I’ve been a caterpillar for the past ten years – happily munching my way through life. I’ve lived in my little family cocoon quite content and even getting a little fat.

Now it’s time to shed the chrysalis and spread my wings, as we head off into pastures new. A new life, a new country – retirement.

I know that I can soar like a beautiful butterfly, but I’m having trouble shaking off the shroud that has been my cosy comfort for so long.

I have new-found respect for caterpillars as they metamorphose into one of nature’s beauties and hope I find the courage to do the same and fly off into the distance.

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One Comment

  • Chiara

    I’ve been in my cocoon for the past year as I’ve been undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Soon I will be a butterfly, soon!

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