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Munch and the Treasure Hunt

Just a little childrens’ story about sharing to read to your kids or grandchildren.

Munch the CowOnce upon a time there was a cow called Munch. She was Farmer Bob’s favourite cow and he named her Munch because she loved munching. She would munch on the tasty green grass, she would munch on the clumps of clover, but her favourite munch of all, were the bright yellow buttercups that grew all over the field.

However, today Munch was not eating anything, not even buttercups. She was laid down under the Oak tree feeling sorry for herself. Do you know why?

Well, as she ran across the field to see Farmer Bob, she didn’t look where she was going and caught her leg in a rabbit hole and twisted one of her ankles. It would take a week for her leg to get better and until then, Munch had to limp everywhere – poor Munch.

As she lay in her favourite spot under the Oak tree, Alfie the Farm Dog came bounding over to her. “Hello Munch, do you want to join in our Treasure Hunt?” he woofed. “Farmer Bob has hidden lots of tasty treats for us to find!”

“I’d love to” said Munch, “but I’m a bit slow with my limp. All the treats will be gone before I get to them”.

“Don’t be silly, I’ll help you,” barked Alfie. “Come on, it will be fun.”

Munch carefully stood up and limped across the field with Alfie the Farm Dog and joined Dingle Duck and her friends, Harry the Hare, Sammy Sheep and all the other animals who were very noisy and all excited for the Treasure Hunt to begin.

“Listen please,” barked Alfie. “You must keep all the treasure treats that you find and at the end, the animal with the most treats is the winner and gets a bucket of something special from Farmer Bob.”

“Oooo quack quack” said Dingle duck.

“Baaa baaa yummy” said Sammy Sheep and Harry the Hare was very silly and jumped round in circles so fast, that he fell over himself!

“Just one thing everyone,” barked Alfie, “if you eat your treats, they can’t be counted. Now are you ready? One, two, three, go!”

The animals ran around all excited, bumping into each other and making lots of noise, except poor Munch who slowly limped towards a rock to see if anything was hidden under it. Do you think there was? Well, just as Munch reached the rock Harry the Hare ran to it like a rocket, found the treat and ran off towards the pond!

“Oh dear,” thought Munch sadly and looked around for another place to try. She saw a rusty old bucket by a pile of logs and headed towards that. Do you think there was a treat hidden in the bucket? Well yes there was and Munch smiled as she got it.

She then limped over to a hole in the tree. Do you think there was something in the tree? Yes, this time there were two treats hidden in the tree, but just as she was about to get them, Harry Hare shot in front of her and snatched them again!

Munch was very good at guessing where Farmer Bob had hidden the treasure, but Alfie Farm Dogevery time she found some, Harry the Hare would swoop in and take it and Munch was beginning to get upset. However, Alfie the Farm Dog had noticed this and just as Harry was about to take another piece of Munch’s treasure, he barked at Harry and sent him on his way. It was wrong for Harry the Hare to snatch treats from Munch, so Alfie gave her two of his treats and Munch found one more just before the game ended. So how many treats did Munch have altogether? She had four treats.

As they all gathered together, Munch thought she had no chance of winning the big prize with only four pieces of treasure. Alfie went round all the animals to count up their treasure treats and then he announced the winner.

“The winner is…,” he barked. “Munch the Cow!”

Munch was very surprised and asked “but how have I won, I only have four pieces of treasure. I know that Harry the Hare has far more than me?”

Alfie barked and all the animals started to giggle.

“What’s so funny?” asked Munch

“Everyone has eaten ALL their treats” barked Alfie. “You are the only one who has brought any back and so the surprise bucket is yours!”

Munch smiled and suddenly her leg felt a whole lot better and she shared her prize with Alfie the Farm Dog, in her favourite spot under the Oak tree.

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