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My Ageing Brain!

Poetry is not my thing and I admire those who are natural poets. Every now and again I come up with a little ditty…

MY AGEING BRAINForgetful woman

I was an Office Manager, I used to have a brain,
Then I had two children and quickly became insane.
Now I’m forty something, my mind is even worse,
I can’t find where I’ve put my things, my bag, my keys, my purse.

It gets quite embarrassing, when I can’t remember names,
People I’ve known for years, my mind plays silly games.
I’ve often thought of something and gone to tell my mate.
I’ve stood by him in body, but my memory has been late.

I’ve had to retrace my steps, time and time again,
Hoping the familiar scene, would help my long lost brain.
Sometimes it would work and sometimes it would not,
My mate, he just laughs at me, he does not care a jot.

He thinks it’s rather funny, that I have to write things down,
More so when I’m stood there, blank expression, deepening frown.
Now I’m taking fish oils, vitamins to feed the mind,
They say it keeps it healthy, but it’s just a con you’ll find.

I think it’s because us ladies, have rather a lot to do,
We deal with quite a few things, but men just one or two.
Perhaps as the kids grow older, my mind will work again,
I can throw away my notebook and rest my ageing brain!

Image courtesy of StockImages/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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